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100% Premium Organic Wildflower Honey

100% Premium Organic Wildflower Honey

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Our Wildflower honey is 100% Pure, Raw & Organic.

The Sunnah Way Unique and Luxurious Hexagonal Glass Jar comes with an Attachable Wooden Stirrer!

Lift Up to Open!

Qualities of Wildflower Honey⠀

Wildflower honey is made by the nectar of the wild pollen rich flowers. It is dark in colour, with a strong aroma & taste providing a unique and distinguishing flavour.  Produced from a complex of multi-flowers making the appearance and taste differ according to the season & region. ⠀


In order for honey to be certified as organic the bee hives must be 5 to 8 miles away from the nearest artificial chemical source, i.e. roads, factories, houses, etc.

The farm we source our honey from has that luxury Alhamdullilah!

In the UK no bee-keeper can call their honey organic due to this reason!⠀

All pure, raw & organic honey crystallise over time. When it becomes crystallised place the honey in a warm water bath of 40ºC for 15-20 minutes as soon as the honey granules have dissolved. Do not microwave honey.⠀

​​Store honey at room temperature in our air tight jars. 


*Please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. All information provided is for educational purposes and should not be used for medical advice.*

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:⠀"Make use of the two remedies: honey and the Qur'an."

[At- Tirmidhi]⠀

Narrated `Aisha (RA) :

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to like sweet edible things (syrup, etc.) and honey.


Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:  "Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing)." But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire."


Health Benefits of Wildflower Honey:

The Raw Wildflower Honey has a wide variety of sugars, organic acids, essential oils, rich in minerals and containing elements that enhance beneficial physiological effects.⠀

1. Naturally boosts the body’s immune system⠀

2. Fights infections that causes colds & flu

3. Brings relief to sore throats & coughs

4. Promotes digestion⠀

5. Quick energy source⠀

6. Keeps skin young, healthy & refreshed

7. Antioxidants protect cells from damage done by free radicals.⠀

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Unique taste

Subhaan Shabbir | Carlilse | January 2021

I ordered the pure wildflower honey and was not disappointed, it’s so unique and sweet, and very rich in flavour. The product itself is designed in such amazing and strong packaging, there’s definitely plenty of honey to try so many things! You can use it for literally everything. Would definitely order them again from The Sunnah Way!

Serish azhar | Bradford | November 2020

A Cure For Sure!

I am so happy that I purchased this product. The honey tastes and smells amazing unlike those that are purchased from supermarkets. I mainly ordered this product with hope that it would cure my sore throat. I can now say that after using for only a couple of days it has made a huge difference. I use the honey to add sweetness to my tea which I do every morning and it honestly does taste divine 😍. Also surprised at the size of the product, it definitely looks like it will last me a long time. Can’t wait to try out the other products :)

Zainab Ahmed | | September 2020

Summer in a Jar!

The jar looks and feels so premium and beautiful, great value for money! The flavour is sensational with its floral taste and scent which reminds you of summer! Love the unique idea of placing a beautiful Hadith sticker at the back of the jar which reminds you of the benefits.

Raheema | | August 2020

Great quality honey!

The flavour of this honey is quite unique but one I think anyone would like. The jar is beautiful designed and has a beautiful Hadith on it. Highly recommend trying out this honey!

Sehrish | | August 2020

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Package Contains: 1X Desired Amount of Honey, 1X Daily Adkhar Publication, 1X Daily Adkhar Summary.
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