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The Sunnah Way Beard Set

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    The Sunnah Way Beard Set

    Luxury Magnetic Ribbon Box including:⠀

    1. 100% Halal Beard Brush - Nylon Bristles

    2. Bamboo Beard Comb⠀

    3. 6ml Attar Bottle (Roll on)

    The Sunnah Way Musk 

    The Sunnah Way Oud 

    4. Beard Bag

    5. Daily Adkhar 'Publication'

    6. Daily Adkhar 'Summary'

    The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one! Adding a personalised message along with the Beard Set makes it that extra personal!

    Our Beard Brush:

    Empowers men to keep their facial hair in the finest condition.

    Exfoliates your skin, allows natural oils to spread all through your facial hair and stimulates blood stream.⠀

    Detangles the toughest knots without pulling out your beard hairs.

    Allows more nutrients to your beard follicles which in turn promotes beard growth.

    Allows beard to be healthy, clean and tidy.

    Has very Durable Bristles.⠀

    Our Beard Comb:

    Keeping your beard moisturised throughout the day.

    The ideal tool if you have a longer beard, taming the muddled hairs.

    Made of solid bamboo wood making it very sturdy.

    Double sided comb, suiting all beards.

    Perfect to take anywhere, fits in pocket very well.

    Glides comfortably through the thickest and longest beards providing the ultimate smooth combing experience.

    Our Attar:

    The Sunnah Way Musk is a light, sweet scent.

    The Sunnah Way Oud is a more strong, distinct scent.

    Our Beard Bag:

    Perfect for all 3 items to fit in.

    Velvet Drawstring Bag.

    Follow The Sunnah Way of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ):⠀

    Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love for one another. - 

    The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said “Cleanliness is half of faith” - [Muslim]⠀

    The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said "Cut the moustaches and leave the beard (as it is)" - [Bukhari]⠀

    Aisha (RA) narrated: When the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) intended to enter upon the state of Ihram he perfumed himself with the best of perfumes which he could find and after that I saw the glistening of oil on his head and beard. – [Muslim]⠀

    Look after your beard, trim your moustache & make it smell beautiful - The Sunnah Way! 

    Package Contains: 1X Magnetic Box, 1X Beard Brush, 1X Beard Comb, 1X 6ml Attar, 1X Beard Bag, 1X Personalised Message in envelope, 1X Daily Adkhar Publication, 1X Daily Adkhar Summary.


    Brand : The Sunnah Way

    Based on 5 review(s)
    Zara -

    Excellent Product

    So glad I bought this as a gift for my dad, and he totally loved it Alhamdulilah. Very good quality of the products and it was presented so beautifully.

    Kulsuma Begum - London

    Absolutely Eye pleasing

    So glad i came across this page. Amazing gift set that looks luxurious and has quality. Still waiting to gift this to my partner as part of a wedding gift hamper but im sure he will be pleased. To what i have seen, this is a very good purchase with reminders of islamic guidance. Presented so beautifully.

    Sophia ghaffar - Glasgow

    Excellent product

    So bought the beard box for my husband, and honestly when we opened the box we were very impressed with the high quality of the product and also extra reminder and daily Adhkar book, also the incense stick are amazing too,

    Haris Hussain - Middlesbrough

    Amazing way to revive the Sunnah.

    This product set is such an amazing way to revive the Sunnah, as mentioned, and being able to gift it is even better. The thought gone into this product is amazing and you can really tell by all the details. The set contains a comb, brush, attar and an extra gift card, which is very thoughtful. Each item looks like it’s made to the highest of standards, which I’m happy about. Honestly opening the box made me very happy. I would recommend this product to anyone! Amazing gifts.